Platinum Rose is an advance organic skin care by Flora Skin Therapy.

Specially Formulated

Platinum Rose is a specially formulated advanced organic skin care product. Some benefits include its ability to accelerate skin hydration, revitalization and regeneration. It is hand-crafted from 100% all-natural and organic ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Flora’s usage is diverse and can be used for anything from everyday moisturizer, sunburns, minor cuts, scars, beard balm, diaper rash, dry skin, tattoo before/during/after care… it’s possibilities are endless!

Platinum Rose’s diverse skin care usage is limitless!

Key Benefits of Platinum Rose

  • 100% all-natural organic ingredients
  • Handcrafted in small concise batches in the USA
  • Anti-fungal, antibacterial and antioxidant essential oils
  • No synthetic chemicals or preservatives
  • Accelerates and dramatically reduces healing time
  • Minimizes inflammation, redness and soreness
  • Soothes and relieves itching and swelling
  • Hydrates, lubricates, moisturizes, rejuvenates, soothes and nourishes the skin
  • Rose oil has proven aromatherapy results known to relieve anxiety, mental stress and headaches while stimulating the immune and nervous systems
  • Rose petals contain vitamin C, carotene, B group vitamins and vitamin K that is essential for enhanced healing
  • Four convenient sizes available with several custom packages


Our product pricing will be changing. Some of these changes are in response to our current product’s demand. This includes shipping rate changes, some decreased and some increased for the new 2018 year. Along with these new changes we have developed new business relationships in large distribution centers along with fulfillment centers that we have acquired recently and will be available soon. This will allow better options for both domestic and international shipping. This will help increase our reach to our loyal customers all over the world and will offer better costs to our consumers by purchasing from our suppliers and not directly from Flora Skin Therapy manufacturing.


Since the birth of our product that is currently known as Flora Skin Therapy we have always worked very hard to focus on maintaining multiple standards in so many industries. From, organics, cosmetics, salons and tattooing. All these industries and their choice uses rely on Flora and the use of our product while keeping the price as low as possible or passing the savings on to their consumers. We have maintained our competitiveness for as long as we could, as much as possible and will continue to do the very best we can as we expand into this new chapter of company growth that you helped make possible. During this new expansion and growth, the development of new products is on the horizon and will make a huge impact on our daily lives.


Thank you for your continued support.